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Bag "Petits Anis" Anise 250g

Réf : 1010800301

Bag "Petits Anis" Anise 250g

The original and best-selling Anis de Flavigny flavor, in a miniature candy version !

These mini Anise flavor candies, made with all-natural anise extract, are appreciated for their distinctly spicy and fresh taste. A wonderful treat and a tasty way to freshen breath.

Each candy contains an aniseed in its center, which we coat with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavoring.

Packaged in a 250g bag.

Perfect for refilling oval tins or for sharing at home or in the office.

These candies you can bite, and they're safe for smaller children.

6,04 € tax incl.

24,16 € per kilo

  • Ingrédient du sucre, un arôme naturel d'anis étoilé, une graine d'anis vert au coeur du bonbon.